Get Born – Write Braille

March 25, 2018

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Write Braille

Are You Ready
Anima Christi
Book of Eli

In His Name + For His Glory

December 25, 2010

Thank You For Everything You Have Done – And Will Do,
Our Savior
Jesus Christ, and Our Father, the One.

My Sword: “In His Name + For His Glory”:

Every Day,
Every Night,
Every Moment,
Every Light –
For Every Thing:
I Thank You –
Forever and Ever ~

Amen ~+~

My Heart: In Your Names + For Your Glory:

For Everything You Did for Me,
For Everything You Did for Us,
For Everything You Will Do –
As Another Gift
Whatever I Can Give, Will Be:
“In His Name + For His Glory.”

Forever and Ever: “Eternity Is Only The Beginning.”

Amen ~+~


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