War Pigs and Russia[gates]

Those who supported the wholly scripted/created/forced Cuban Missile-type (WW III) Crisis/Information Warfare campaign against Russia over Ukraine (after all the years of Russiagate Revelations revealed it as a Psy-Op from the beginning) exposed themselves as total Hypocrites and “useful idiots” of the worldwide Star Chambers/Deep State[s]. Ask:
“What was the History?” : “Yats is the Guy” and “F*ck the EU.”

Ask: “What would happen to Jesus or Gandhi, now?
He would be labeled an Enemy Combatant/Domestic Terrorist. His bank account would be seized. He would be Cancelled, and fired from any employment. He would be Accused in all MSM as also being a White Supremacist. And then, since Habeas Corpus was ended, he would be Rendition[ed] off to a Dark Site to be tortured – for false confessions (without earthly representation).

Assange - Tortured

As they attack you (as one), ask further, “Who Are the Actual Nazi’s?
Those censoring 3/4 of the world, or those standing up to speak? Those who are seizing bank accounts, or those being seized upon? Those accusing “Domestic Terrorism!!,” or those being targeted? Those who are trying to force everyone to chant “Slava Ukraini!” (Stepan Bandera/WW II), or those who refuse to chant (a Nazi Slogan)?

A Final Warning

15 Responses to War Pigs and Russia[gates]

  1. WindHarps says:

    The Russians did not create this (WMD) Cuban Missile-type (WWIII) crisis. Research what happened in 2014 (Nuland).

  2. WindHarps says:

    Yes, there is the “possibility of war with Russia – [and] a nuclear holocaust.” So, do our leaders, representatives, and Star Chambers seek to de-escalate with every premeditated Act? Or, do they further provoke with every targeted Act (of War)?

    Lindsey Graham calls for the assassination of Putin and a coup against Russia – both of which are Acts of War (WWIII). Mike Pompeo visits Taiwan and promotes recognizing it as a sovereign country (mocking what Russia did with the Donbass) – which is a “Red Line” with China (to WWIII). And, the White House continues escalating sanctions to such a degree against the Russian people that they are effectively modern Acts of War (WWIII). So, witnessing all together, is there a main concern to avoid WWIII? Or, all together, are the acts coordinated to provoke WWIII?

    The US is promoting fighter jets to Poland, for Ukraine? Another clear Act of War. At any moment, Russia could be provoked into firing the first shot in this worldwide chess game. And, those of us without bunkers are only pawns to be forsaken for what would be left thereafter.

    This is a “Cuban Missile Crisis” to Russia, and the West knows it. Agree that Ukraine will not join NATO, and it’s over. Or, maybe WWIII can result?

  3. […] Messages Imparted:The entire world is within the business of an altruistic Deep State.Any Messiah-type will be confronted with jail/torture (sound familiar?).Performing miracles and moving multitudes with (or as) The Word will be “[re]classified” as (domestic or international) threats/crimes. […]

  4. WindHarps says:

    Letter Sent to Support@GETTR for Censorship:

    GETTR is Censoring Comments/Posts, Without Explanation – just like all the others. Do you think it is Wise to be guilty of the most rank Hypocrisy this early in your history?

    Take a look at the Screen Shot of my post which you Censored/Deleted. What could possibly be wrong with it?
    It was totally relevant to current discourse. There was nothing wrong with anything written. So, what was it?
    Are we now not allowed to even reference History with a picture of Hitler? If so, GETTR is ruining its reputation with Hypocrisy right from the beginning.


  5. WindHarps says:

    Biden administration creates ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ under DHS to fight ‘misinformation’

    Jankowicz was previously a disinformation fellow at the Wilson Center, and had advised the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.
    Jankowicz also does not appear to be a fan of free speech, saying that setting up free speech in opposition to censorship is “a false dichotomy.”


    A DHS Disinformation Governance Board to Fight Misinformation.
    What is the number one problem – for us? We want the Truth, Without Narratives. So, what is the number one problem – for them? To control all information to such a point that there is nothing but Narratives.
    Goal: a society so Disinformed and Misinformed that their heads never stop spinning – until the next spinning.

  6. WindHarps says:

    This complete renunciation of what it means to be human, the overthrow of faith and traditional values, and the suppression of freedom are coming to resemble a “religion in reverse” – pure Satanism.
    Exposing false messiahs, Jesus Christ said in the Sermon on the Mount: “By their fruits ye shall know them.” https://www.rt.com/russia/563827-putin-speech-colonial-west/

  7. WindHarps says:

    As some kind of bizarre counter-balance to the family of a persecuted journalist pleading for basic human rights, Morgan invited on John Bolton, the man who was the National Security Advisor to President Trump when Assange was imprisoned under a US arrest warrant. Which if you think about it is kind of like having a sex trafficking victim on your show and then bringing in Ghislaine Maxwell for a balanced perspective.

  8. […] since the Hoax of Bush (WMD) – they (the Democrats) have reversed course and Destroyed Everything (they once supposedly stood for): the party who fought for civil […]

  9. WindHarps says:

    “The west is advancing the claim that Putin is distributing Viagra to his soldiers so that they can more effectively rape Ukrainians, which was a ridiculous propaganda narrative the first time the west used it to manufacture consent for regime change in Libya.” “Patten’s completely unevidenced claim of weaponized Viagra has been uncritically reported as a real news story by outlets like CNN, The New York Post, Forbes, The Independent, The Hill, and Yahoo News.”

  10. […] This complete renunciation of what it means to be human, the overthrow of faith and traditional values, and the suppression of freedom are coming to resemble a “Religion in Reverse” – pure Satanism.  Exposing false messiahs, Jesus Christ said in the Sermon on the Mount: “By their fruits ye shall know them.” […]

  11. WindHarps says:

    Like saying: “Yeah, we completely agree with Satan on everything.”

  12. WindHarps says:

    Ukraine Ceasefire ‘Unacceptable’ – White House:

    Poland May End Up ‘Joining’ Ukraine Conflict:

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