To Believe

January 19, 2017

Imagine having received messages, over years, about a new future, a new beginning.  Imagine resultant periods of unique success, of unbreakable hope and various inspirational peaks.  Imagine, after more years, finding yourself immersed in total turmoil while reaching a point where almost everything earthly was lost: realization of envisioned fruition had not come true.  Imagine (with the latter) not being able to see any way or avenue for it to ever come true (now) – though at times (all along the way) occurrences were sent as a means to enhance remembrance of the original.  Thereupon, Imagine receiving a new one, but without any specifics – and soon crying out because it still seemed absolutely impossible.  Then, Imagine hearing the Voice of God, as a reply:

To Believewithout knowing, and still keep going.”

Ys to Eyes

Re: The Family of Jesus

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