Persecution of Christians (As Mandated)

Forced Covid - 7 tenets of satanism

Is the “U.S. Army doing PR for Satanism”?[One] point of mandatory vaccination is to identify sincere Christians in the ranks.” (Similar techniques against captive audiences are used to indoctrinate and forcefully implement CRT – which should be challenged to the Supreme Court). Troops had to watch a slide presentation “to justify mandatory vaccines.” “In it, [was] a sympathetic portrayal of Satanism. ‘How many children were sacrificed to Satan because of the vaccine?’ the slide read, apparently sarcastically. The presentation then proceeded to list the so-called ‘7 tenets of Satanism,’ which [were] taken straight from the ‘temple of Satanism’ website.”
Should our military members, Christians or otherwise, be forced to undergo such blasphemous mocking and literal persecution? Should we? Is this “[experimental] serum to be injected into [our] flesh against [our] will”? Wisdom: [Why does it not matter to them if we have a valid religious belief, concern, and exemption]?

Pelosi 2020 & 21: “You cannot require that someone get vaccinated.”
Biden 2020: Mandate vaccines? “I don’t think it should be mandatory.”

Fauci 2020: “While a Covid-19 vaccine could be available in 2021, it won’t be mandated by the federal government,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “I don’t think you will ever see mandating of a vaccine particularly for the general public. If someone refuses the vaccine in the general public you cannot force someone to take it,” Fauci said in a virtual townhall organized by the website Healthline.

Biden 2021: Mandate For Businesses With 100 Or More Workers
One Result: Have your National IDs/Vaccine Passports/Papers ready.
Refuse: Lose your job, car, and home – while wondering how you will eat.

Even In the Name of: The NY Governor (while firing 70,000 and denying unemployment coverage) said those who refuse to get the vaccine are not just stupid but have turned their back on God: “there’s people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants.” Gov. Hochul added that the vaccine “is from God to us and we must say, thank you, God,” and said to her “smart” vaccinated supporters: “I need you to be my apostles.”

Contempt for Refusing Covid Vaccine on Religious Grounds

New York Gov. Denies Legitimacy of Religious Exemptions

There Are Times When F#X References Are Warranted

Mandated Tracking

I’m a Christian, so I believe Jesus risked his life for my freedom.
How could I say to my Lord, it’s great that you died for me and my freedom, but I’m not willing to risk a job?”

16 Responses to Persecution of Christians (As Mandated)

  1. WindHarps says:

    This is what they do on the campaign trail. But, once in Power ….

  2. WindHarps says:

    Again, forgive F#X references: @10:56: “We will be looking at what contact training looks like in the New World Order.”

  3. WindHarps says:

    Note: Once you take the vaccine, you can still catch the virus, carry the virus, and transmit it to others. What would be stronger? Natural Immunity.

  4. WindHarps says:

    “Unauthorized Freedoms”: Alex Saab, you are not a Diplomat (with immunity) of another sovereign country; you are now a “top fugitive” (without recourse) – to be rendered. Julian Assange, you are not a world-recognized Journalist (with immunity); you are now reclassified as a rights-free “information broker” (without recourse) – to be rendered. Steve Donziger, you are not a Human Rights lawyer covered by any rules of a previously-understood (national or international) judicial system; you are now a “villain” declared guilty of “Contempt,” by a corporation – to be rendered from your house of arrest to our version of house arrest.
    “Unauthorized Eating”: “The US government has appointed itself the authority to unilaterally decide which of the world’s populations get to eat and which do not, and to imprison anyone who tries to facilitate unauthorized eating in a US-sanctioned nation.” Yes, starving people to death in other countries through sanctions is one way. Another way to starve people to death is to continually expand the term of “unauthorized eating,” through mandates, so that it also engulfs national citizens: Pelosi 2020: “You cannot require that someone get vaccinated.” Biden 2020: Mandate vaccines? “I don’t think it should be mandatory.” Biden 2021: Mandate For Businesses With 100 Or More Workers. One Result: Have your National IDs/Vaccine Passports/Papers ready. Refuse: Lose your job, car, and home – while wondering how you will eat.

  5. WindHarps says:

    The Aadhaar system is named for a 12 digit number that serves as a proof of identity and address, among other markers, anywhere in India. It contains iris scans and fingerprints from both hands of each user.

    Back in the US, meanwhile, Gates’ ID2020 campaign has collaborated with the forces advancing a system that registers Americans’ vaccination status with the same corporation that calculates their financial credit score.
    (To register their proof of vaccination, Illinois residents must turn to Experian, the world’s leading credit score service.)

    “The evolution of vaccine certificates will actually drive the whole field of digital id in the future. So, therefore, this is not just about Covid, this is about something even bigger.”

    By the following year, ID2020 and the USAID-partnered biometric ID firm, Simprints, had leveraged funding from Gates Foundation to publish an article entitled, “COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery: An Opportunity to Set Up Systems for the Future.” The authors argued that COVID-19 vaccines in the Global South could be used as a “potential lever” to deliver digital biometric IDs.

    With the expansion of the Green Pass to places of work, Italians have risen up in some of the largest protests the world has seen against the nascent biosecurity regime:

    In his remarks before the Italian Senate, Agamben pointed to a sinister agenda behind the official rationale for vaccine passports: “It has been said by scientists and doctors that the Green Pass has no medical significance in itself but serves to force people to get vaccinated. Instead, I think we must say the opposite: that the vaccine is a means of forcing people to have the Green Pass. That is, a device that allows individuals to be monitored and tracked, an unprecedented measure.”

    The philosopher concluded his address by taking aim at the supra-national forces – Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, and Rockefeller Foundation, among others – determined to impose a system of digital identification and high-tech social credit as much of the human population as possible.

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