What Is the Mark (of Beasts)?

There Will Come a Time:
Do You Want to Be Able to Buy/Sell/Eat?

At first, this was done to WikiLeaks. And now it is done [within stages] as a suffocation of any remaining Independent Journalism:
In yet another [Star-Chambered] escalation of Silicon Valley’s redoubled efforts to quash all “Dissent” since the beginning of the Ukraine War, PayPal has just blocked the accounts of multiple “Alternative Media Voices” who speak Truth to Power. In full coordination, who will be Individually Targeted with loss of financial abilities/even bank accounts?

PayPal Censor

A Mark: “In” the right hands and foreheads (beyond “On”)

Aside from those who are blind (unknowing):
Who know, but remain silent (yet opposed) – so as to continue eating.
Who know, but remain silent (in support) – while deciding what to eat.
Who know, and decide to speak – within wisdom of when/how they can.
Who know, and decide to speak – within its power, of which they serve.

Most are expecting certain chapters (of scriptures) to be explicit on the World Stage (strictly meeting what was written/literal). Still, the passages are (and will be) explicit enough (for those who can distinguish what is, alternatively, plain to see). Ask: What level of (rising) Fear is present – as fomented (relentlessly)? And: What level of (exponential) Repercussions exist – as warned and threatened (repeatedly)? Further, most are expecting an open “choice” – upon a stage of revelatory realizations. Yet, within (their) Star Chambers a modern cleverness, as cover, will override. Instead, the word “mandatory” will be implemented – so that even those who resist (in a prophetic light) will be “marked.” This, of course, was taken into account before God and Jesus Christ – and there will (still) be a way, provided, to stand apart (as John wrote). When it is outwardly imposed, beyond a “choice” – the truth will be with “In.”

“If any man have an ear, let him hear”:
What Are the (2) Beasts?

The first beast will not present itself, clearly; it will roam and devour as a spiritual predator – hidden and disguised behind lying kings (who are fed, surreptitiously, by its insatiable guidance). Multitudes will not realize the worldly prowling (in a singular entity of a sense), unless it is discerned: “What verses are unveiling?” and, “How should we (now) interpret the prophecies?” When their victories are only resulting through the trampling of Lies and Deceit (opposing presentations), that which is laid to waste can be a reflective picture – drawn as if it is breathing. When the simple truth is denied/smothered (at all costs), thus becoming an enemy, it can then be determined what is (said) of a malicious heart. Following – there will be Witnesses: “What is (visibly) being destroyed?” and “What is (undoubtedly) being fulfilled?”

As a continuance, the second beast (also spiritually, initially) will be fed by its own feeding – until enough is accomplished that it may Manifest as an earthly form (in some manner, though still hidden). Upon this lifting of a curtain, and similar as a sitting king (with worldwide power/force), there will be a discourse of further directions (from its seat) – that those who accept may be rewarded (“buy/sell/eat”), yet temporarily, and those who refuse may be starved/beaten (with eternal rewards thereafter). During these escalating periods (of Revelation), all will be Tracked (Human QR Codes, Vaccine Passports, Digital IDs, IP Addresses, Social Media) – for Compliance. And, whether they know or don’t know, whether they speak or remain silent – biblical times will be at hand.

When we can only trust that which is without question, know then what is true – and what is to be believed. When there is nothing left but undoubted answers, all that will remain is what was written to follow.

First Draft Coalition[s]

Ministries of Truth


17 Responses to What Is the Mark (of Beasts)?

  1. WindHarps says:

    X2 – History:
    So, in answer to the prayer, the one you want is there
    The one you feel inside of you
    So, in answer to the dream …

  2. WindHarps says:

    Anyone who goes against the controlled narrative will be targeted.

    “They Are Closely Monitoring Social Media Chatter.”
    Do you want to know how far this goes? Read the following from April of 2021: “Document Reveals USPS Is Monitoring Social Media Posts.” You read that headline correctly. The USPS/Our Mail. That’s how far it goes (in just one instance), and that is how far ahead it has been planned.

  3. WindHarps says:

    Planned, Step-by-Step: If You Speak or Act, Will You Be Able to Eat?

    1) To “Cognitively Infiltrate” – Against False Conspiracy Theories:

    2) a: First Draft Coalition[s] to Control Truth:

    b: Independent Media Declines in Traffic From Google’s Algorithm:

    3) Document Reveals USPS Is Monitoring Social Media Posts: https://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/04/23/what-going-here-alarm-document-reveals-usps-monitoring-social-media-posts

    4) Begin Seizing Bank Accounts & Parents Are Domestic Terrorists:
    https://www.foxnews.com/media/canadian-freedom-convoy-truck-seized-bank-account-frozen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGzB1McUbkQ

    5) PayPal Email: CN [& Anyone Else Daring] Is Permanently Banned:
    It’s an ominous echo of Team Biden’s “dystopian ‘Disinformation Governance Board.’ The “escalation” agent also said she could not discuss details because she was worried about her “employment.”

    6) Within Marks and Sight:

  4. WindHarps says:

    They are not “Scared.” They are Emboldened:

  5. WindHarps says:

    The Global WHO Treaty Is Real And Will Control You:
    #WHO #WHOTreaty #Covid1984 #WEF #BillGates

    Human QR Codes – Vaccine Passports – Vaccine Mandates –
    Worldwide Lockdowns: Biden Administration Supports This.

    Maybe they will be able to Seize Bank Accounts if you Protest?
    Maybe take a (form of a) Mark or you are Denied Employment?

    They Are Fully Planning and Scripting the Next Wave:

  6. WindHarps says:

    Combine UK’s “Online Safety Bill” with the following story, and it will give a full picture: UK Bill Threatens Journalists With Life in Prison

    They are Codifying every step used against Assange. Should you speak out, online, as a nobody. Or, should you speak out, anywhere, as a Journalist – you will be Targeted (for “Life”).

  7. WindHarps says:

    For Real. On Video. What They Are Planning:

  8. WindHarps says:

    Now, they are using language from the Bible/Revelation.
    To be clear: This is the Cuban Missile Crisis — In Reverse.
    And, this has the settings for Armageddon — In Reverse.
    1) Russia was FORCED into the US position of the Cuban Crisis.
    2) Who is PROVOKING Armageddon and who wishes to AVOID?
    What people thought would be obvious from Revelation is Reversed.

  9. WindHarps says:

    Expansion: Political and Religious Combined
    “If they can ‘de-bank’ the NCRF, a multi-faith religious nonprofit, what happens when they start ‘de-banking’ pastors and Christian business people?” Murff asked.

    Fines from Corporations (As Cover for Fines From the Government)

  10. WindHarps says:

    What do they accuse Russia of? “Moderat[ing] Speech & Content.”
    What do they accuse China of? “Moderat[ing] Speech & Content.”
    What do they accuse N. Korea of? “Moderat[ing] Speech & Content.”

    Why is “Moderat[ing] Speech & Content” now their
    #1 Priority?
    Because “They” are now “Them.”
    And, “they” will get “their” Social Credit System, etc., even if it means openly imposing a biblical “Mark.”

    #MarkOfBeast #DigitalID #SocialCreditScore #Mandates


  11. […] of Speech:“Fanatical Ideologues – Censor Speech/Thought/Religion.” Freedom of Religion:“Hostile to people of Faith/Especially Christians/To Erase the presence of God.”Right to Bear Arms:“A right to defend ourselves/2nd Amendment.”Civil Liberties:“Big […]

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