Ys and Whens

Ys + Whens

Ys + Whens

Upon each provoking turn, never cease in properly questioning “why.”

Seek Me

Seek Me

This is the promise (which always mends).

Certain Views

Certain Views

Imagine as a Vision [purposely leading to “Y?”]: A group within a subterranean area: “The secrets of John the Baptist are within this White Cross”: It is opened.  (The contents reveal to be. . . .)  Next, followers are searching on the hillsides (after the Resurrection): “Jesus?”  “Jesus?”  Traveling among a small crowd (across from the latter, and looking just behind – to glimpse at who was hidden): “I knew that it was Him.  He told me not to say who He was.”

Parables and Teachings

“Who’s Got My Back”

“Words of Light”

“Seek Me”

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