Returning: Faithfully

Faithfully: Returning

Watching Faithfully

Within (through/originating from/following) Faith, there are (can be) magnitudes.  Within Faith, there are (can be) Trials – of such intensity/degree that one may never have imagined them as possible (or even allowable – between or intertwined with previously known or unknown/expected or unexpected realms being crossed – while intermittently, and possibly in escalation as one perseveres, The Word is also violated as a perverse means by absolute evil to destroy any, or all, progress/evolution).

In continuity, once we Believe, there are (can be) tiers (available) to that very existence.  Once we Believe, there are (can be) wholly moving results (from ongoing advents) – which (may) arrive (each time), while its being is experienced (initially) as embraceable knowledge, as well as in multitudes of both debilitating (to death’s literal points/levels) and uplifting (forever) factors – after it becomes FactOnce it becomes Fact, the Truth prevails.

18 Responses to Returning: Faithfully

  1. SeaClearly says:

    Kerry Livgren: A Glimpse of Home

    As I reach up this ladder, there is something ever higher to perceive
    Like a fire that is burning, in my heart I know I surely must believe

    All my life I knew you were waiting, revelation anticipating
    All is well, the searching is over
    Let the truth be known, let it be shown
    Please give me a glimpse of home

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  8. […] Our roots drink from a soil of renewed casting; Drunk (in a past), Yet soon to be fulfilled (everlasting). Our trunks are girded with layered shields – Armored, that we may weather this ground (As beacons among fields). Our branches are gifted as arms – Reaching up and out; Stemmed, intricate connections overcome all drying doubts. Our leaves provide an enveloping canopy (Where rain kisses these lips). Veins flow in unison – Accepting and open to all quenching tips. This body prepares us for answers – Of what will be sent; Wholly planted, we shall share in reasons – Of what the stages meant. The Sun leads us through seasons – Of sustenance, growth, thirst. Light, that we may seed, shines evenly – So the last may become first. A cycle gives us chances to discover An abundance of everything in need; Eventual to a pattern – Within time is a setting – Where those called shall be freed. […]

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