Paths, Woods, and Harps

In the Woods

In the (opening) woods they found one, and another.  Unforgiving landscapes of former trails had left them withdrawn, yet anxious – to awaken (once again).  Life, in description of their past, was (partially) possible in terms of anticipating realized dreams.  Then, to spite transitory evolutions, they ran through an enveloping forest – into eternal paths of embracing possibilities.  Trials of time had judged, ruled, become circular fates, as if it was a natural passing of dates.  Yes, theirs, “for [many] a season,” traveled darkly – while Hope, the survival key, lent shelves selfishly.  Though separations (directions) had moved them among similar destinies, here, beyond the (fading) trees, they would truly meet.

It was a search (so to speak) for everlasting youth.  Following, came mornings of ever-spinning truth.  Two drank current instants together — conversed with the sun.  And she softly questioned reason: “Of this, what will become?”  He answered passionately: “Truth is forever done!”  In that presence, Light shone upon reality.  Cups filled with wonder; they began to reach.  She smiled with the glowing (of their newfound peaks).  He listened, soared, and returned – without retreat.  A clearing welcomed each dawning; these paths were beyond defeat.  Two (who were wandering) grew in acceptance, in fulfillment, of what (more) would (promisingly) be.

My Lorraine; My Everything


Paths, Moons, and Harps +

Last night was our anniversary, White Wolf.
And, last night you left this world.
It was a “Holy Union,”
Yet certain provisions never unfurled.
You were “My Everything,”
My spiritual wife,
My best friend,
All that was intertwined (and left) in my life.
Our Love will go on, forever –
Though, until I see (and hear) you again,
The eternity promised
Will never be the first day, to begin.


Anna Katharina Emmerick_saint_visionary

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich: “Is notable for her visions on the life and passion of Jesus Christ, reputed to be revealed to her by the Blessed Virgin Mary under religious ecstasy.”

Video is in dedication to Saint Joan of Arc + Lorraine
(who should be regarded as a Saint) ~^~ 

These passages are in love, honor, and memory of Lorraine Travis (with ongoing inspirations).  She gave (and shared) some of the Greatest Gifts with me — many of which most would never believe.  Respectively, if ever a (second) chance shall be given (with renewed seasons and circumstances), in turn, a sharing as much as possible with the world regarding what wholly debilitating challenges as well as infallible visionary experiences she went through is intended.  A prayer: If I fail to do the latter, may others, collectively, or someone else, individually, be able to make this come true (in and from the Spirit).  09/23/2016


“Being Conscious of Miracles Attracts More of Them”: From the heart of the core miracle, through each connected (or lighted) realm, there are both natural and purposely provided paths.  In association, our spirits (as guided by exploring/opening minds with pristine callings) have the ability to make these journeys (in truth) – where, beyond our earthly settings, even the physical may follow through.


To my love, my “Joan of Arc”:
At pristine times, you were a messenger –
of the greatest “Glimpse[s].”
At present times, we are continued –
among the messages.
07/2012 + 11/2016

Lorraine -Rosed Hands +
(Still Waiting, Emmit.)
Made In Heaven - Again

 Sent by Lorraine (after breaking through with Light) on 2/11/2017:

September 2018: You Turns +
You Turns +
Our 21 Year Anniversary
I Love You - Amen

30 Responses to Paths, Woods, and Harps

  1. SeaClearly says:

    “He knew the sea and the heavens; and He spoke of pearls which have light that is not of this light, and of stars that are beyond our night.”

    “For in His voice there was the laughter of thunder and the tears of rain, and the joyous dancing of trees in the wind.”

  2. Gerard Travis says:

    Did U write this or did my Mother write it? Love the Beautiful picture of her. R.I.P Mommy.

  3. SeaClearly says:

    From Lorraine (via Gerry) on/for a fifth anniversary: 05/01/2016

    • SeaClearly says:

      May of 2005 ~+~

      L moon T [6:40 PM]: I can’t hear his name. and he won’t ell me or show himself to me.
      L moon T [6:40 PM]: tell
      HoustonOnCall [6:41 PM]: For all I have been given, I have no reason to complain.
      HoustonOnCall [6:41 PM]: I am only Thankful.
      HoustonOnCall [6:41 PM]: Share that message.
      L moon T [6:41 PM]: he asks if you know him…
      L moon T [6:42 PM]: I think he was quite tall.
      HoustonOnCall [6:42 PM]: Not seeing an exact face. Yet, just repeat my message; it is true.
      L moon T [6:44 PM]: I did. He says your inner peace comes from where he would like to be and he is happy for you.
      HoustonOnCall [6:45 PM]: To the Trinity I am pledged. And, I pray that he may enjoy the same Light.
      L moon T [6:47 PM]: he says to tell you , you know him but you didn’ t KNOW him
      ( he made me use upper case for the 2nd know.)
      HoustonOnCall [6:48 PM]: It’s true. I didn’t. I do now.
      HoustonOnCall [6:48 PM]: Have to go. Too heavy. I do KNOW him, now.
      L moon T [6:49 PM]: do you know who this man is? will you share?
      HoustonOnCall [6:49 PM]: So heavy I am not sure you could handle it, Lorraine.
      L moon T [6:50 PM]: ok
      I will respesct your decision…
      HoustonOnCall [6:50 PM]: Just share that I am thankful for every moment. And, would do anything for the Trinity.
      HoustonOnCall [6:50 PM]: Have to go, and pray.
      L moon T [6:51 PM]: He says he can read the message
      he also says I love You.
      HoustonOnCall [6:51 PM]: I Love him, as well ~
      L moon T [6:51 PM]: I will be home if you need me…

  4. SeaClearly says:

    I Love You, Lorraine (a poem that never ends)

    I Love You, Lorraine –
    When you talk,
    When you laugh,
    When you sing,
    When you – Everything.

    I Love You –
    Every morning,
    Every night,
    Every evening,
    Every light.
    I Love You –
    With every dawn,
    With every tide,
    With every sun & moonbeam
    We freely ride.
    I Love You –
    Where all is shared,
    Where forever is a Gift
    (Is So Natural)
    To be dared.
    I Love You –
    When the Moon is Bright,
    When the Sun is our Light –
    Every day,
    Every night,
    With all my Heart,
    With all my Might.
    As a Rainbow
    (Which Flowers) –
    My Love, Forever,
    Will cover every hour.

    I Love You, Lorraine –
    Every Winged Day,
    Every flicker in the night;
    Every flutter we make
    Takes us further in Flight.

    I Love You, Lorraine;
    Our Kiss
    Will always remain.

    Every morning,
    Every night,
    Every evening,
    Every Light –
    Remember This:
    All the Waterfalls we made Love under,
    All the Drenching,
    All the Fulfilling Mists,
    Every time we slumbered,
    Every time we Awoke –
    And not a moment did we miss.

    I Love You, Lorraine;
    Our Kiss
    Will ever-grow,
    Will ever-flow,
    Will always remain.

    Of every splendid sea,
    Of every bedewed shore,
    Of every sparkling ocean,
    This Love is Our Fountain –
    Which Ever-Pours.
    This Love is all the stirring water
    Which falls (without and within) –
    All the Cresting Waves
    Which call (Again and Again).
    This Love is Heaven sent.
    These riches are those
    Which can never be fully spent.
    This Love is an Answer –
    To so many dreams we dreamt,
    To so many visions,
    To so much wondering –
    Of when, of where,
    Of what it all meant.

    And now, in every way,
    For all our days,
    For all our time,
    I am yours, as you are mine.

    I Love You, Lorraine;
    Softly kiss forever.
    I will do the same.


  5. SeaClearly says:


    My wholly pure and beautiful wife,
    My Heaven sent,
    My Eternal spark,
    My final fulfillment for Life –
    Your letter has brought me,
    Once again,
    To a place I am beyond thankful to be –
    Where I am holding
    While you are touching,
    Where I find myself –
    On my knees.
    Always know, My Love,
    Though we were guided to this,
    To You and Me,
    When I look up – from where I am holding,
    The awe will be forever –
    For it is a Princess from the One
    That I see.


  6. SeaClearly says:

    A Song written and played for Lorraine (Our Always)

    This, to you,
    I send today.
    This, to you,
    I send for all days.
    Our forever.
    Our always.
    –Our always.

    May we laugh and sing and dance.
    May we hold on to each (and let go)
    In this – our endless romance,
    In this and every (gifted) chance.

    May we touch
    Forever –
    May we touch
    May we love
    As one
    May we love as one
    For all days,
    For all days.
    In this – our endless romance,
    In this and every (gifted) chance.
    -Our endless romance,
    -Our endless romance.

  7. SeaClearly says:

    A Song For Lorraine ~^~ (version 2)
    (“You will write a Song.”)

    “Our Always”

    This, to you,
    I send today.
    This, to you,
    I send for all days:
    Our forever,
    Our always – (our always).
    May we laugh and sing and dance.
    May we hold on to each (and let go) –
    In this – our endless romance,
    In this – and every (Gifted) chance.
    May we touch
    Forever –
    May we touch
    Always –
    All ways.
    May we Love
    As One –
    May we Love as One
    For all days,
    For all days –
    In this – our endless romance,
    In this – and every (Gifted) chance.
    This, to you,
    I send today.
    This, I send for all days,
    For all days.
    May we Love as One –
    For all days.
    May we Love as One –
    For all days.
    We will never part;
    Forever heart-in-heart ~

    • SeaClearly says:

      11/22/2012: A “Song” and my Lorraine in the room:

      Sweet Scarlet

      Looking for a way; Moons in an endless day
      All I knew was with her then, no couldn’t see the time

      Come let us drink again, before the second show
      I want you so to know there’s no bridge between us
      All those gates have opened now,
      And through the light has shone
      Ah, but the song carries on … so holy

    • SeaClearly says:


      How a soul, elevated by desire of the honor of God, and of the salvation of her neighbors, exercising herself in humble prayer, after she had seen the union of the soul, through love, with God, asked of God four requests.

      The soul, who is lifted by a very great and yearning desire for the honor of God and the salvation of souls, begins by exercising herself, for a certain space of time, in the ordinary virtues, remaining in the cell of self-knowledge, in order to know better the goodness of God towards her. This she does because knowledge must precede love, and only when she has attained love, can she strive to follow and to clothe herself with the truth. But, in no way, does the creature receive such a taste of the truth, or so brilliant a light therefrom, as by means of humble and continuous prayer, founded on knowledge of herself and of God; because prayer, exercising her in the above way, unites with God the soul that follows the footprints of Christ Crucified, and thus, by desire and affection, and union of love, makes her another Himself. Christ would seem to have meant this, when He said: To him who will love Me and will observe My commandment, will I manifest Myself; and he shall be one thing with Me and I with him.

  8. SeaClearly says:

    One of the greatest acts of Love, Dedication, Courage, and Confidence: Lorraine (2016), entering the darkest realm during a diabolical attack: “Why Don’t You Fight Me?”

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  12. SeaClearly says:

    Alternate Headline:
    Trump: Truly Savage – Work Requirements for the Handicapped/Disabled, Because It’s All About “Personal Responsibility” (But, Only for the Poor, etc.).

    What comes to mind? My deceased wife. She was handicapped/disabled in various ways, had to spend most of her time in a wheelchair, could not walk without special help, was on dialysis three or four times a week, had a crippling disease since her teens which led to more than thirty surgeries, and, at the end, was mainly praying for death.

    She received Medicaid assistance. She also wanted to work, but couldn’t. What would these Savages have her do (if she was still alive)? “Well,” they would say openly, “you need to pick yourself up by the bootstraps, get over your coddled laziness, and embrace Personal Responsibility!” (Behind her back, in whispers, they would then wink to each other while slapping hands in victory: “Another fronted scam, rammed through! We’re almost done. It will all be drowned in the bathtub soon enough!”)

    Matthew 5:5
    Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

    Luke 6:24
    But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation.

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  14. Spirit  Courage  Strength Gratitude  Forgiveness Miracles  Love

  15. SeaClearly says:

    Together, We Rise

    As deep as the sky is blue,
    As far as the sky is wide,
    My Love is all the colors –
    And none shall I hide
    (None shall I hide).
    As deep as the sky is true,
    As far as the sky may rise,
    My Love is past all this distance –
    See this in my eyes
    (In my eyes).

    You say I’m your hero,
    And, I must confess:
    Often falling –
    My Love can be a whirlwind of sparking duress.
    And then, it becomes gentle –
    As your heart’s mirror only reflects kindness.
    Your heart’s mirror sends understanding;
    There is no fault (on either side).
    Our Love is Total Sight;
    Our Love is Blindness.

    You say I’m your hero,
    And, I see this in your eyes.
    These wings continue spreading,
    Ever further may we rise
    (May we rise).
    You say I’m your hero,
    And, I must confess:
    Though often falling –
    Our Love is Total Sight;
    Our Love is Blindness.

    Everything –
    In our eyes.
    Ever further –
    May we rise.
    Ever further –
    Together, We Rise.

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