Christmas Revelations +

The Virtuous Man Named Jesus Christ: “It is a [supposed] letter about Jesus written by Publius Lentutius, Pontio Pilato’s predecessor as the Governor of Judea, which he addressed to the Roman Emperor”: “Truthfully, Oh Caesar! wonderful things are heard about him every day that goes by.  To explain it briefly, he resuscitates the dead and heals those who are sick.  He is a medium size man, of benign looks, and greatest dignity, which is also reflected on his face, so that when a person is evaluating him, one infallibly feels the necessity of loving and fearing him.”  The Gospel of Mary Magdalene: “Therefore let us atone, and become fully human, so that the Teacher can take root in us.  Let us grow as he demanded of us, and walk forth to spread the gospel, without trying to lay down any rules and laws other than those he witnessed.”  Whoever Jesus Was, He Wasn’t A Petty Partisan: Like Todd Wilkinson, many are sickened by the ongoing (and escalating) hijacking of every core precept within our originating belief system.  (Years ago, Yusuf Islam expressed the same about his.)  Current (U.S.) society is unceasingly blanketed with renewed perversions of sacred text, which seek to institutionalize Social Darwinism and Orwellianism – in Jesus’ name.  (“This is an impressive crowd, the haves and the have-mores.  Some people call you the elite.  I call you my base.” It’s not torture when we implement all the darkest historical practices.  It’s “enhanced interrogation.”)  Indeed, “they are quick to persecute those who disagree with their politically-informed interpretations of scripture,” since an exclusive agenda must be rationalized – to whatever extremes are necessary – in order that the “fittest” of the “chosen” may continue to update the rules.  In their eyes, the meek may inherit the earth, but only as tillers of their soil.  Ever-expanding lawns of heavenly mansions will need to be cultivated, and the lowest-level subjects/servants will be content – but only after they finally accept those predestined provisions. 

[Realization: Obscurity is not a problem when distinct paths are discovered, and prompted further – as gifts wished to be given.  Within the trails, cycles most wondered upon are often answered – beyond written words.  Then, spiritual blessings reveal themselves – worlds, universes, and realms past our earthly expectations.  These are the new beginnings most sought after, among the highest and truest courses.]

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  1. Lmoon says:

    This is exactly what the Beautiful Holiday of CHRISTmas is all about! Thank you, SeaClearly.
    Although my response is a bit late, you expressed everything that was in my Mind, Heart and Soul about the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

    Christmas represents what Jesus, the Man (while he was on earth) is all about. Yes, He was born on Christmas day. However, what He accomplished for the short while that He walked among us, is Miraculous, Amazing and Exceptionally Beautiful.

    Crowds of people gathered EVERYWHERE He went. They where mesmerized by His words and presence. He was (in their eyes) loving, wise, spiritual, political and so much more. He was and remains a Wondrous Enigma.

    So, in conclusion, SeaClearly, this blog is exactly what I believe. It speaks of Truth, Wisdom and Love of Mankind. That is what Christmas is REALLY about!

    And, for ALL of those who belittle and mock Christianity (or any other religion, faith or spiritual belief) I say, Grow up, Get a Life and Respect others Beliefs! Be nice, like your elders taught you to be. And, if your elders taught you differently or they where not around, I am truly sorry for you…

    Have a Blessed Holiday Season &
    Thank you, once again, SeaClearly for this Amazing blog and all of the links you incorporated into it.


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  4. seaclearly says:

    In His Name + For His Glory:

    Every Day,
    Every Night,
    Every Moment,
    Every Light
    For Every Thing:
    I Thank You –
    Forever and Ever ~

    Amen ~+~

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