New Atheists and Evolution

July 13, 2009

In Robert Wright’s article, “Why ‘New Atheists’ [?] are Right-Wing on Foreign Policy,” he states, conclusively: “People are survival machines built by natural selection.”  True, humans have evolved in many ways – including their Spiritual understanding.  For example, interpretations and reactions relating to an out-of-body/after-death experience in 500 B.C. would most likely differ essentially from those in the 21st century.  Let’s say the occurrence was one where (after dying) an individual went up/out (per our cognizance level), and arrived at the feet of a large (Lincoln Memorial-size) entity sitting on something like a throne.  Immediately thereafter, the traveler started to smile, while suddenly feeling an onset: overwhelming senses of cleansing purity – and Home.  Then, just before going further, toward what was expected (like it had happened before), he heard a loud voice say Go Down.” Thoroughly shocked, the individual fell a long distance (without knowing why), eventually (after earthly clouds) approaching a Lake of Flames as wide as a Starred City.  And finally, the (spiritual) person held back from screaming – until hitting those flames.  What took place afterward could not be remembered upon coming back to (this) life.  In 500 B.C., it might have been seen as unrealistic ranting from a nightmarish dream, or even an omen, relative to then-current mythology.  To others, it may have been taken as a Vision, like certain stories considered for (and included in) the Bible. Through the 21st century, with distinct knowledge of The New Testament and Jesus Christ (as well as contexts relating to “A History of Heaven: Journeys to Heaven”), one could also interpret/react as if the occurrence was actual, and a Gift (though profoundly disturbing) – since (this not being a focus of foretelling) a return (Deliverance) was possible.  Most important, there is considerable doubt that the experience by way of an atheist (then or now) would leave him/her denying God’s Existence. 

In His Name + For His Glory:

Starred Cities