Heaven and Hell

What Is Left To Be Trusted?

What we read?
What we hear?
What we see?

When we can only trust that which is without question,
know then what is true – and what is to be believed.
When there is nothing left but undoubted answers,
all that will remain is what was written to follow.

3 Responses to Heaven and Hell

  1. […] Don’t try and make me listen To all your superstition That you been selling for so, so long Fly like a flame through the Face of the Sun Rise with the fire till the battle is won Blind to what the world says can never be done Fight until the end In the name of Love I see 100 devils Preaching another level Selling the high road to low, low, low . . . They’re lying to our faces And nothing ever changes They say yes, I say no, no, no . . . […]

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