Relentless (CrossFire)

(Audio Visions)

In the time we spent together
Many words have passed between
And the feelings that we shared are all behind us now
‘Cause a change has come upon me
And I’m surely not the same
There is so much more than what we feel and live every day

Relentless, unchanging
Though the world is still before me now
I’m seeing forever
I will keep my heart and mind with you
So joyously I’m waiting for the day

In a single timeless moment
When the old was cast away
The new was born into a world of simple joy
And my life is still for living
Though it’s seen through different eyes
And the knowledge of the truth’s
A burden easy to bear

It’s drawing so near
It’s shrouded in mystery
Histories fall, the end of an age
The feeling we’re waiting for, hoping for
Now, the time to come alive
The end to which we strive
Will soon arrive

Now the gift is truly given
If you only would receive
For you’re standing in the crossroads
And you can’t turn back
Though we can’t conceive forever
And it’s sometimes hard to care
Our lives do not compare to what’s awaiting us there

(Vinyl Confessions)

Kerry Livgren: Interviews

17 Responses to Relentless (CrossFire)

  1. SeaClearly says:

    Hellen Keller: Walking in Light

    Without faith there would be little meaning in my life. I should be ‘a mere pillar of darkness in the dark.’ Observers in the full enjoyment of their bodily senses pity me, but it is because they do not see the golden chamber in my life where I dwell delighted; for, dark as my path may seem to them, I carry a magic light in my heart. Faith, the spiritual strong searchlight, illumines the way, and although sinister doubts lurk in the shadow, I walk unafraid towards the Enchanted Wood where the foliage is always green, where joy abides, where nightingales nest and sing, and where life and death are one in the Presence of the Lord.

  2. SeaClearly says:

    A Perfect Three in a Row (from their 1994 Box Set) (which represents Kerry Livgren’s inspirational road to Jesus Christ:

    On the Other Side (Live):

    A Glimpse of Home:

    + Relentless:

  3. SeaClearly says:

    A Glimpse of Home:
    One of the greatest songs I have ever heard in my life. The words/lyrics, the messages, the Spirit, the personal path/search as shared, the overall orchestration, and an utmost representation (next to the peak, “Relentless”) of Kerry Livgren’s inspirational road to Jesus Christ ~^~

  4. SeaClearly says:

    10/9/2016 + 12/04/2016: “Never forget. . . .”

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  6. SeaClearly says:

    What is stronger, one minute, one moment of a miracle (of the Holy Spirit), or seven days of torture (afterward)? The moment[s] are forever. The torture is temporary.

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  8. […] Relentless (CrossFire) […]

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