Projections (In Time)

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  1. SeaClearly says:

    On the Eve of the Great Decline
    by Kerry Livgren

    Born amidst the wonder
    Born among the lost
    Watching the abandonment of reason
    Taking in the moment
    Taking up the years
    Witnessing the end of our good season

    Stirring strange emotions
    Conjuring the fears
    Each one sees the things they really want to see
    Made a world of wonder, we made a world of pain
    Now the days will come for the apostasy
    (the days have come for the apostasy)

    I am watching it fall around (me)
    I am listening to every sound I hear
    I am doing what I can do
    As the daylight is fading on the Eve
    Of the Great Decline…

    Dumbing down the Culture, Chaos on the Rise
    Watching all the beauty as it’s waning
    Scene is so familiar, like words that I have read
    The world is lost but soon a new one gaining

    (I’m watching, listening to all)
    (I’m watching everything fall)

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