In Memory: Scrolled Winds


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  1. SeaClearly says:

    “Satan and the Demons”

    Of the (presently) modern “paranormal [film]” subject matter/area and the “[trouble] with whether or not evil spirits actually exist,” so true, Mr. Bradshaw. Considerable amazement has taken place that, for entertainment (and possibly education), many millions watch such programs while, after numerous in your face/undoubted moving pictures which clarify the “reality of” other/outer/inner/ultimate spiritual realms, they still wonder – without answers.

    “Ghosts, demons, and evil spirits of all kinds” may, and “can be rather scary,” yet, through acceptance (awakenings upon finally realizing first steps) (belief), the “cosmic battle” does not have to be misunderstood significantly). Going forward, a statement encountered disagreement: “by their very nature we are unable to see, feel, smell, or hear them.” Yes, your work (collected words/summary) in this focus enhanced smiles, but, the latter quote did not (apparently) regard those with “special” abilities (gifts). [How they can be used would possibly equal an addition.] Beyond “religious faith,” again, there is disunity. Still, your clarifications, away from “spiritual symbolism” and “into the wilderness” exemplifications definitely served to stir optimistically, where the Truth of Jesus Christ and His follower’s trials surely shone. Moreover, your open dedication to the New Testament was a further beacon.

    Overall, an entity exists, which “waits for . . . opportunities to attack,” though “constant message[s]” (promises) of Light will (as written) prevail – past each “battle” and every “struggle.”

    All Sides (One Goal):

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