Midterm: Further Right Lays Waste to What is Left

Re: Obama says he’s out of touch, but offers no concessions

President Obama’s first reaction to the republicans after the midterm results: Let us find “common ground.”  Absolutely amazing – but not surprising.  Everything he gave them for the last two years only further empowered their resolve to destroy him – and any possible remaining chances for Progressive change.  The “common ground” during that span was incessant corporate (Blue Dog) appeasement, which reflected Obama’s actual standing/commitment.  Consequently, his original base was torn – in stages of revulsion.  Anything learned? : “What the American people want is for us to mix and match ideas.”  Wrong!  The majority of citizens wanted the “Change” they were promised – not the same status quo, step-by-step sellouts prevalent since the Reagan years, or updated methods of watering down every measure to the point where the industrial/financial/military circle (neo-cons/neo-liberals) may as well have put forth/planned them themselves – yet openly.

“He noted that he engaged in closed-door, backroom deal-making to get his health care bill through Congress, but said it was necessary and the end justified the means.”  The “end” was a Mandate (during a worldwide Recession/don’t dare call it a Second Depression) – without a Public Option: “If a mandate was a solution, we could try that to solve homelessness by mandating everyone buy a house.”  The “means”: “These are the stock-in-trade tactics of the ‘power elite’ that C. Wright Mills wrote so poignantly about back in the 1950s.”

“It’s an ugly mess when it comes to process.  That is something that really affected how people viewed the outcome.  That is something that I regret . . . but I think the outcome was a good one.”  The “process” was assured as one that would be renewed, to an honorable level.  Instead, the “ugly mess” of corruption, behind closed doors, while being sold as something else, on stage, continued – and this, undoubtedly, “affected how people viewed the outcome” – but not just on health care; it “affected” how everything was “viewed” – overall.  Moreover, since Obama’s  degree of “regret” leaves him thinking “the outcome was [still] a good one,” and leads him to seek even more “common ground,” our society can be assured of what is on the horizon:

Senator Reid: “the biggest takeaway from this election is that the American people want compromise across party lines.”  Yes, that’s the answer: more “compromise” – in one direction.  And, those true colors never cease to reveal – as they continually dye each and every surface.

A “thanks” to Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, Timothy Geithner, Ben Bernanke, Robert Gates, and all other summoned advisors for the relevant midterm “outcome” – and all that is soon to follow – due to our president’s “out of [a certain] touch” choices, without (leftist, professional or otherwise) “concessions.”

Update (11/10): “President Obama’s . . . deficit reduction commission just proposed slashing Social Security.”

In relation to narratives created by Fox/Koch Brothers, etc., and what was the continuing mindset of the remaining Bush II minority, Obama appointed a biased Deficit Commission – during a Second Depression.  At the same time, he “Put Social Security on the Table.”  Then, the Deficit Commission’s (predetermined) recommendations were put off until after the midterms.  Now, with a new House, Obama and the remaining Blue Dogs will seek even more of that (veil of) “Common Ground,” and “Compromise” – while we hear more about sacrificing.

Re: What Happened to Change We Can Believe In?
Individual Mandates Bootstrap the Homeless
Foreclosure Fraud? Obama Looks Forward
Obama Put Social Security on the Table

[If FDR and his related Congresses had reacted as Obama and the last Congress, what is going to be (within two decades, maximum), would have already been – by 1945.

Prediction: The 2008 election was the last chance to turn a certain tide.  Since it, instead, served primarily to expose who factually rules and whose side Congress and any President will stand on, we can now look forward to a never-ending series of corporate waves.]

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14 Responses to Midterm: Further Right Lays Waste to What is Left

  1. seaclearly says:

    He Did It Again: Obama Already Caving in to Republicans on Tax Cuts

    “Republican leaders like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are doubling down on their promises not to compromise an inch with President Obama unless he decides to adopt their policies. Meanwhile President Obama is already signaling that he’s prepared to abandon his principles and compromise with Republicans on one of his clearest and most unambiguous campaign promises: That he would maintain the Bush tax cuts for the vast majority of Americans, but would return tax rates for the richest 2% of Americans. . . .”

  2. seaclearly says:

    It’s Official: Rich Declare War on the Middle Class

  3. seaclearly says:

    Re: On Housing Benefit Cuts, British Public Reveals Shocking Lack of Empathy and Compassion

    Your article on British cuts directly corresponds to the U.S. Deficit Commission’s recommendations – as well as the “Austerity” push across the world. The only stage/step left in their overall boldness is to end the facade of various “proposals,” as if rational debate will follow (wherein a possibility of the measures being rejected exists) – and then, just start notifying everyone of what was already decided/what will be.

    Further, what we are witnessing/experiencing worldwide is a coordinated attack (based on lies and ideology) as a means of setting up a new, permanent, order after the weeding. As written recently, “If FDR and his related Congresses had reacted as Obama and the last Congress, what is going to be, shortly (within two decades, maximum), would have already been – by 1945.”

    For those who have merged into/sold out to this global corporate mentality, there will never be “an awakening of compassion.” Once the current goals are completed, there will be no road back – and their primary goals will be fulfilled.

  4. seaclearly says:

    2nd “deficit reduction” report hits: shock doctrine attack on middle class

    Tax Shift
    Lowest 47.0
    Second 19.1

    Middle 6.7
    Fourth 0.5
    Top -1.9
    All 0.8

  5. seaclearly says:

    At this point in our 95% corporately-controlled media/press, could we at least get some closed captioning from the remaining 5% (which is borderline free)? Maybe they could create an App for TV? When Harold Ford speaks, for instance, the caption would read (just like at the bottom of those life insurance and attorney Ads) “The following is a paid endorsement,” or “This actor has been compensated.”

    Regarding David Gregory and Meet the Press, a key quote (which sums everything up): “‘Meet the Press’ allows you to frame the conversation how you really want to.”

    Update on “framing,” NBC’s Sunday Morning Austerity Program: “As if the panel wasn’t tilted enough on its own, host David Gregory was posing questions designed to keep the discussion off to the right”:
    “I don’t see why, for instance, some of these suggestions, Harold, on Social Security are going to be demagoged to death. Why, in 50 years, people can’t look at raising the retirement age and have that be a serious discussion point?”

    Obama Put Social Security on the Table

  6. SeaClearly says:

    The Cult That Is Destroying America: http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/07/26/the-cult-that-is-destroying-america/


    While I commend you (as usual), Mr. Krugman, on your continuously bold efforts to shine a light amidst (a controlled) darkness, there is a certain emphasis which I also think should be further utilized as a revealing measure. Regarding the “cult of balance, of centrism” and those who “have to know better,” that is the focal point: they do. They “know” full well what the truth is – as well as the effects (in all directions). However, paid parroting and PR/Think Tank/Front Group stenography is their key to guided success. Truth, to them, is only a reality for them to provide us – which evolves with ever-changing cycles. If a fact like Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit needs to be suppressed, and overwritten to such a point that 48% of the populace eventually Believe it must be a part of the deficit, then their jobs are fulfilled. They “know” (astutely) what they are doing, without “moral[s]” – proudly:

    “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

    Listen. You will be told what to believe. Follow. And they will surely lead.

  7. SeaClearly says:

    Can You Hear Us Now? 45,000 Verizon Workers Strike

    While more profitable than ever (just like almost every S&P 500 company), “Verizon continued to seek to strip away 50 years of collective bargaining gains for middle-class workers and their families” — ala the momentum of Wisconsin’s Ayn Randian plague/insight. In addition, they continued the PR format of Orwellian company stances/statements made famous during the national credit card raping (“due to economic circumstances”): We need “a new contract that reflects today’s economic realities.”

    [Interpretation: We created the previous and current economic circumstances and realities so that we would be more profitable than ever before in history. With the latter accomplished, the next planned stages are simply being implemented. Further, once the entire world becomes Third World, we will finally have corrected the proper balance between us and the damned them. It will be a kingdom.]

    Sugar-Coated Status Quos: Let the Markets Grow

  8. SeaClearly says:

    “$10 an hour with no benefits”/“independent contractors.” As an “independent contractor” you are also responsible for All of the Tax burden. As a result, the company essentially pays No Taxes, since they have been provided break after break in order to “produce” there, and the weight/responsibility has been shifted onto the slaves. In addition, that “$10.00 an hour” after personal responsibility taxes then equals an amount closer to $7.00 an hour (less than minimum wage).

    How many people will ever rise out of that level to buy a house? Be able to even rent an apartment (without tripling up with other families)? Save for retirement? Finance a new car? Pay for full coverage insurance on any car? Maintain a good credit standing? Pay for Mandated Health Insurance? Go to college (without Pell Grants)? Pay off college loans (without Pell Grants)?

    Congratulations! Our corporations have found a way to eliminate the unions, the middle class, and the minimum wage.

    Again, once the entire world becomes Third World, they will finally have restored the “proper” balance between (the damned) us and (the chosen) them. For some, it will be (like) a kingdom.

  9. SeaClearly says:


    “But it is unacceptable that in the third year of his presidency he still blames his predecessor and does bus tours to promote jobs programs that do not exist.” True. $700 billion ($15 trillion not talked about) for businesses who purposely crashed the world system, ENRON-style. Nothing for those who were crashed — not even when there was a Majority to make it happen. New (meaningful) regulations? Not a chance. Nationwide fraud upon millions of homeowners. Take their side? Not a chance.

    “Something has gone wrong with the Obama presidency. The way to set it right is for the president to . . . lead.” After three years of a total sellout (including a Mandate to buy private insurance from private companies during a worldwide Depression and putting social security “on the table” — even though it has nothing to do with the deficit), who actually believes he will suddenly start leading in any direction other than the one he has led since taking office? Before the midterms, he campaigned on “strengthening” social security — after he had already sold it out to a faux deficit commission. Now that there is a new campaign season, this one for reelection, the same PR onslaught of 2008 will begin again — with all the rehashed FDR/Hope/Change/Jobs Programs pile of #*#*.


    While your recommendations are excellent, they are measures that the New Majority of 2009 and the “Change We Can Believe In” President should have implemented before 2010. As of now, after most have gone through each phase of “A Lexicon of Disappointment” ( http://www.naomiklein.org/articles/2009/04/lexicon-disappointment ), all that remains is a “bold jobs plan” as “good politics” on the campaign trail — but no chance of it ever actually being “policy.”

    From “Now Obama Must Lead” ( http://www.laprogressive.com/progressive-issues/now-obama-must-lead/ ): “Now that there is a new campaign season, this one for reelection, the same PR onslaught of 2008 will begin again — with all the rehashed FDR/Hope/Change/Jobs Programs pile of #*#*.”

  10. SeaClearly says:

    Re: Jobs: A Grand Bargain

    Once again, Mr. Budowsky, you get close to a few marks, make one or two, then lose them all. This worldwide Depression (yes, it’s a Depression) was purposely manipulated into being. Remember one of Cheney’s responses, “This is our due”? Remember ENRON? Remember Countrywide and Bank of America? That’s their (ongoing) mentality. And now, as the most powerful businesses are shipping all jobs to Third World countries, prominent/abusive Think Tanks are proposing that they should also stop offering rising wages over the years to employees still here. The result: the US will become a Third World country. Everything we have ever known will be destroyed. And, if the tide is not turned, there will never be a road back. These are not the circumstances in which “50-50 compromise[s]” and “two-thirds . . . private sector-focuse[s]” are needed. Responses like that, and additionally “emphasizing . . . tolls and fees,” only exacerbates the core problems — while promoting further Regression into deeper stages of Depression. Whom do those “tolls and fees” fall on? When the minimum wage is repealed, who will they fall on even more? In this the type of environment, where mandates to buy corporate health insurance are offered as solutions, what is needed is the boldness of actions like those taken by FDR — not alliances with the very perpetrators of the disaster. This is not a “50-50?/both sides are equal chapter. This entire result was desired (and implemented) within an ideology to bankrupt the country (and world) — so that the country (and world) could be restructured into an Ayn Randian (Austerity/Bootstraps) nightmare. The president knows this (like you, I suspect), but is, aside from the PRed fraud of his 2008 campaign, committed to placating the “other” side — because, in reality, he supports the “other” side. The (middle class and common) people need Truth and boldness. What they are getting is sellout after sellout, PR campaign after PR campaign, and compromise after compromise — without ever being told how much has actually already been compromised (behind closed doors), probably permanently, as a matter of guided and accepted “policy.”

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