Cranick Fire Fund Bedevils Glenn Beck

The “Tennessee fire department stood by and allowed the Cranick house to burn to the ground, destroying everything and killing the family’s dogs and cats.  All because the Cranicks failed to pay a $75 fee.”

For Glenn Beck, that’s prime-time joking material, as well as a door to rigid teaching (note the AFA, etc.) through relentless Belittlement – since God and Jesus would not have us tolerate the common riffraff’s panhandling cries.

Re: Glenn Beck Mocks Fire Victims

Who would consciously take part in spreading (worldwide) the most vile and vicious Lies – because they were essential to a soulless corporate and political agenda?  “Certainly not a . . . man of God.”  Who would reap a billion dollars within a deal to portray himself as a Seer – while serving the most corrupted spirit, and trashing the Beatitudes?  “Certainly not a . . . man of God.”  Who would make fools of millions of Followers – by exploiting their lacking intellect to a degree not seen since the 1930s?  “Certainly not a . . . man of God.”  Who would purposely take the former lessons of the basest Societal Manipulation – and, under a guise of updated enlightenment, twist them into propaganda campaigns which lead manipulated sheep toward the same destruction?  “Certainly not a . . . man of God.”  Who would be willing to Sell Anything – regardless of the level of losses for the masses in the forthcoming chapters, or even his Judgement in the Hereafter?  “Certainly not a . . . man of God.”  Who would be Laughing – while “mocking fire victims,” because he sees himself as above the lower (classes of) flames?  “Certainly not a . . . man of God.”

Cranick Fire Fund:
Donate @
Regular mail: Gene or Mildred Paulette Cranick
Special Account c/o Heritage Bank
P.O. Box 1410   Fulton, KY 42041

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  1. Bruce says:

    Nice work Jon.

  2. seaclearly says:

    Re: Tight budgets lead to more civilians used for policing

    This “striking new trend in American policing” can be summed up in one word: privatization. Just as Wall Street, (monopolized) big banks, and our Chamber of Commerce, etc., have taken advantage of the ongoing national crisis (the one they purposely created) in order to reap as much of an original goal as possible, so too have many other businesses and “services” (both private and public). One of the primary desires of an elite has long been to destroy the unions – regardless of where they were affiliated (Automotive, Police, Nurses, Steel, Post Office, Refineries, Labor, et al). And, just as the credit card companies (newly formed banks) gouged the whole society with “due to the economic environment” usury rate increases (after receiving billions in bailouts, nullifying all losses, and supposedly leading to an ease of lending), there is a whole new wave of taking the Opposite advantage. The opposite: Instead of maintaining or reducing rates, which would have boosted the economy – raise credit rates so high that the credit available is unusable, and cut, or end lines of credit, even to those with an excellent history. Then, use the latter as an excuse: “People are just not spending. So, we will need to downsize, outsource, or, get major concessions.” The opposite: Instead of investing in workforces, slash wages and hours, combine four jobs into one as new responsibilities, use credit scores as a weeding tool for new hires, boldly state that “We are only interested in those who are currently employed,” and psychologically test for union leanings. Then, when all anticipated points are reached, repeat “due to the economic environment” – as civilians are hired as temporaries, without benefits or a future, to do the work (burglary investigations, homicide detail, etc.).

  3. SeaClearly says:

    For Beck, Norway Shooter Wasn’t Right-Wing–Though His Victims Were ‘Hitler Youth’:

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