Atheists and a Gifted Evolution

Interpretations and reactions relating to an out-of-body/after-death experience in “B.C.” would most likely differ essentially from those in the 21st century.  A shared experience: one where (after dying) an individual (I) went up/out (per our cognizance level), and, after fleshly going through dimensions/realms, arrived at the feet of a large (Lincoln Memorial-size) entity sitting on something like a throne.  Immediately thereafter, the traveler started to smile, while suddenly feeling an onset: overwhelming senses of cleansing purity – and Home.  Then, just before going further, toward what was expected (like it had happened before), he heard a loud voice say Go Down.”
Thoroughly shocked, the individual then fell a long distance (without knowing why), eventually (after earthly clouds) approaching a Lake of Flames as wide as a Starred City.  And finally, the (spiritual) person held back from screaming – until hitting those flames.  What took place afterward could not be remembered upon coming back to (this) life.
In “B.C.” it might have been seen as unrealistic ranting from a nightmarish dream, or even an omen, relative to then-current mythology. To others, it may have been taken as a Vision, like certain stories considered for (and included in) the Bible. Through the 21st century, with distinct knowledge of The New Testament and Jesus Christ (as well as contexts relating to “A History of Heaven: Journeys to Heaven”), one could also interpret/react as if the occurrence was actual, and a Gift (though profoundly disturbing) – since (this not being a focus of foretelling) a return (Deliverance) was possible.  Most important, there is considerable doubt that the experience by way of an atheist (then or now) would leave him/her denying God’s Existence. 

[This, initially, took place during childhood (9 years old), and was brought back in my teen years (13?) to re-experience beyond a vision (both spiritually and physically).  Not until the early 30s (as other occurrences began to come) did I begin to try and fully grasp the magnitude.]

In His Name + For His Glory:

Starred Cities


22 Responses to Atheists and a Gifted Evolution

  1. seaclearly says:

    Typical ridicule from the unimaginative and uninformed regarding God, Jesus, and the Bible: “tooth fairy,” “talking snakes,” “man with a white beard lives in the sky.” Jesus (literally)! How is it that this entire group of overly verbal mockers failed to learn the simplest lessons on Allegories and Metaphors? For those who did not attend college, there is some level of understanding. Yet, the derision of a majority seems (or, at least purports) to emanate from those who have tertiary education. Have they ever considered the talking snake – as representative? Have they, including Christians, ever considered opening themselves up to the Bible as a teaching tool – where an abundance of allegories and metaphors were purposely provided? Though the texts were meant to be taken as “The Word,” and absolute in relation to, for example, the highest power and a struggle against evil – they were not meant to be taken as completely literal throughout. There were many (obvious) stories told – as methods toward growth and enlightenment. Some of those were based on actual events, beyond dramatization (like a phenomenal figure who raised people from death). Others were based on relative occurrences – and shared in poetic fashion (like “The Prodigal Son”). To our perception, Six Days may have been more like six thousand prompted evolutionary cycles. And so on. Mocking without insight most often (unwittingly) reflects one’s ignorance.

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  3. SeaClearly says:

    With respect to various Religions, while acknowledging that Fanaticism and Extremism has been utterly destructive at distinct times throughout history (as evidenced by escalations to ultimately hypocritical acts of Terrorism), I would like to share the following link – which focuses on the very existence of God (regardless of Belief system):

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  5. seaclearly says:

    The more we unite, the more we express. The more we express, the more we are heard. The more we are heard, the more we move. The more we move, the more we Triumph.

  6. seaclearly says:

    Do you believe in speaking Truth to Power — no matter what level of stature the powered hold? Do you believe in Fighting the Good Fight — without backing down, regardless of the level of evil you may face? Do you believe the First Amendment is a cornerstone of our country — and that it is on the verge of being nullified in a series of final (corporate) steps? If so, Stand Up Now — while your Voices can still be Heard.

  7. seaclearly says:

    In His Name + For His Glory:

    Every Day,
    Every Night,
    Every Moment,
    Every Light –
    For Every Thing:
    I Thank You –
    Forever and Ever ~

    Amen ~+~

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  14. SeaClearly says:

    Have you ever considered that God ( the One you constantly disparage) most likely appears to us in fashions of which, individually or as associated groups, we would relate – such as to Buddhists in a Buddha form, to Native Americans in their ancestral Indian form, and, correspondingly, also to Christians in a form constructed along lines of their expectations? Doubtful, because you don’t Believe. Have you ever sought to see that Spirit must exist for life itself to exist? Doubtful, because you don’t care to Understand (even this first level reality). “What is the most amazing thing about humans”? One answer: their spirits live forever. Without a living God, there would be no Spirit. And, since God is Spirit (shared), that is “beautiful” – to a level we can barely touch, in comprehension. This wondering, which can lead us to an acceptance of the Fact, is as natural as our need for water. If you think everything in existence (including aliens/life on other planets) just came together through an immeasurable happenstance of odds, without Spirit, it would equal a fomenting of attempting to explain our entire being (and infinite universe) as soulless science – void of any higher meaning, where we just live to die without any more purposes than weeds. Of course, you can continue your Atheistic promotions while locking out due diligence; it’s your blog. But, no matter how much you do this, it will never mean you are Right. Moreover, the continuance will only further and further reveal your lack of Vision: without those first steps toward a broader seeking of possibilities, you will never even begin to Understand, thus progress, to Belief. Until the latter and former is turned around, you will not fully “fall down before . . . another in breathless awe and wonder at their beauty.” How could you, when they are only “[ambitiously evolved] apes” – with no meaning?


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