Yes: Miracle of Life


In relation to “The Bible’s Vindication” and “The Evolution of God”: We were given (our level of) minds in order that we may think (and grow) – not to be senseless puppets who blindly follow without intellect.  Would God have a multifaceted personality?  Would God also have a wide range of emotions (like us)?  Would He be able to appeal/appear to Buddhists in a manner in which they might expect/understand?  If so, wouldn’t He also do the same for Muslims, Jews, Native Americans, and Christians, etc.?  Along the lines of overall history and the Bible, would it be irrational to think He might change His mind (at critical times) – thus, (over the most extreme circumstances) altering some necessary points?  We were meant to look up – as well as within.  Yes, we can go too far in questioning (if it is beyond distinctive respect, or what was written).  Yet clearly, we are not sent here to be only kissing the ground, without ever searching for answers.  Why?  Because many were meant to be found. 

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  2. seaclearly says:

    In His Name + For His Glory:

    Every Day,
    Every Night,
    Every Moment –
    For Every Thing:
    I Thank You
    Forever and Ever ~

    Amen ~+~

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  4. SeaClearly says:

    What Tea Party Republican Fundagelicals Really Want

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  6. SeaClearly says:

    Thank You For Everything You Have Done – And Will Do,
    Our Savior Jesus Christ, and Our Father, the One.

    My Sword: “In His Name + For His Glory”:

    Every Day,
    Every Night,
    Every Moment,
    Every Light –
    For Every Thing:
    I Thank You –
    Forever and Ever ~

    Amen ~+~

    My Heart: In Your Names + For Your Glory:

    For Everything You Did for Me,
    For Everything You Did for Us,
    For Everything You Will Do –
    As Another Gift –
    Whatever I Can Give, Will Be:
    “In His Name + For His Glory.”

    Forever and Ever: “Eternity Is Only The Beginning.

    Amen ~+~

  7. SeaClearly says:

    Upon each provoking turn, never cease in properly questioning “Y?”

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