Jesus of Nazareth: The Prodigal Son

2 Responses to Jesus of Nazareth: The Prodigal Son

  1. Aida says:

    I love the how Peter changes his attitude toward Matthew the tax collector. He understood one of the most important lessons or Jesus: forgiveness and love. I would like to say that I master this lesson, but sometimes I am far away from this. The work you are doing is very important and I congratulate you. I will continue checking your work!

  2. seaclearly says:

    Thank you for your compliment and support, Aida ~
    This area of work – in expressing and sharing – is a key to my core and purpose. In relation, I am happy to see/hear of your effort to always strive for a life along the lines of Jesus’ teachings. In this world, that will continue to be the most honorable challenge ~+~

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