Madison Is The Next Cairo

February 20, 2011

Tom Morello Coming To Wisconsin: ‘Madison Is The Next Cairo’

“Justice is Beautiful, but Justice is Never Free.”

Stand like Jesus and Gandhi. Speak like MLKWalk Like An Egyptian.

Talkin’ Bout a Revolution


"Egypt Supports Wisconsin Workers -- One World, One Pain."

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No Torture Prosecutions? No Justice?

April 23, 2009

No Torture Prosecutions?  No Justice?

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs:
“Those that worked within . . . the legal advice they were given, and . . . acted in good faith based on the advice they were provided should not be subject to prosecution.”

The Legal Advice was Directed and Crafted As Cover.  All sides knew this (In Complicity).  Thus, there could be No Good Faith.

NYTimes: “Philip D. Zelikow, who worked on interrogation issues as counselor to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice . . . said the flawed decision-making badly served Mr. Bush and the country.”

Again, The Legal Advice was Directed and Crafted – As Cover.  All sides knew this (In Complicity).  Former President Bush was not a Victim of Bad Advice regarding Torture (note use of “Bad Apples” as propaganda tools), just like he was not a Victim of Bad Advice regarding WMD, Niger, or Iraq’s (Nonexistent) Nuclear Program; He knew exactly what he was doing:  “the purpose of eliciting false confessions”“establish a link between Al Qaeda and Iraq”

NYTimes: “Ms. Rice insisted that Mr. Ashcroft not just pass along the conclusions of his Office of Legal Counsel, where Mr. Yoo worked, but give his Personal Assurance that the methods were LEGAL under domestic and international law.  He did.”

WHY?  For the Complete Cover: Inextricable From Complicity.

(Future) Nuremberg 2 Committee:
“You are under oath.  What is your defense?”
Rice: “Beyond the OLC, he even gave me his Personal Assurance.”

To Provide Legal Immunity.  To Provide Cover.
From (Before) 9/11 (NSLs), to the Patriot Act, to Iraq, to the Memos, to Torture, to Color-Coded Terror Alerts, to Fake News, to Ohio, to the Military Commissions Act, etc. – They Knew Exactly What They Were Doing – All Along.

Tortured Logic: Obama Writes Off Old Crimes

Tortured Logic of the Torture Superfans

USA Today (04/23/2009):
“Report: Waterboarding Approved Earlier”:
“CIA officials briefed the White House on plans to use waterboarding . . . in Spring 2002 – MONTHS before the Justice Department provided Legal Rationale for such tactics….”  The Torturers Manifesto: “Written to provide Legal Immunity.”  (Exactly).

Arianna Huffington:
Since when is the need to adhere to the laws that govern us a left-wing “point of view?”  Is Thou Shalt Not Kill a “point of view?”  When the police arrest a rapist, is it because rape is inherently, inarguably wrong — or because that’s the cops’ “point of view?”

1) When “Torture” practices (on the Nuremberg Trials level) are referred to/downplayed/covered as differences in “Policy,” it is beyond reprehensible – and betrays the very core of what was/is expected of a moral, ethical, and Constitutional leader.  2) When the AP classifies a national (and worldwide) outcry for “Torture” investigations as a slanted “liberal” issue, it (also) betrays the very core of what was/is expected from objective (and ethical) journalism: “In reversal, Obama seeks to block abuse photos”: “As such, it invited criticism from the more liberal segments of the Democratic Party, which want a full accounting – and even redress – for what they see as the misdeeds of the Bush administration.”  3) When the President gives in to the neocons (in all of these fashions), it is not just a betrayal of trust, duty, and honor; it is also a betrayal of all of us – and everything we are supposed to stand for.

Looking Back…Looking Forward…Looking At

Torture: We Are All Americans Now!

Our Obligation To Investigate

Bush, Cheney, Pelosi and Testifying About Torture

Real News and David Swanson of

Brave New Films and Matthew Alexander

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Bush War Crimes: Torture & (Eventual) Justice

July 18, 2008

“Red Cross investigators concluded last year in a secret report that the Central Intelligence Agency’s interrogation methods for high-level Qaeda prisoners constituted torture and could make the Bush administration officials who approved them guilty of War Crimes.”


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