Re: NYT’s Keller Disparages Assange

February 8, 2011

NYT’s Keller Disparages Assange

Why would a writer feel so compelled to complete works such as Animal Farm and 1984? : “During political re-education, Winston [Ministry of Truth] admits to, and confesses his crimes, and to crimes he did not commit, implicating others and his beloved Julia.”

When the Pentagon Papers (Daniel Ellsberg) were exposed (front page of New York Times), were they traitorous actions?  When the “New York Times published a lengthy article by Seymour Hersh detailing operations engaged in by the CIA over the years that had been dubbed the ‘family jewels,‘” was that unpatriotic?

Who directed the FBI to initiate extreme surveillance (and harassment) against John Lennon?  In relation, was it right for “a court of appeals” to “[overturn] deportation attempt[s]” against him? : “[T]he courts will not condone selective deportation based upon secret political grounds.”

What could happen to a free (“shining . . . upon a hill”) society (and its relative responses, as well as the world’s) – should the Press/Media turn their backs on solemn responsibilities – especially during times of trial? : “And while you’re studying that reality . . . we’ll act again, creating other new realities. . . .  We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

(Did Julian Assange go too far?  Did he seek U.S.’ hands in redactions, etc.?)

How did we get to where we are?  And, where are we going?

[(1) Accessing WikiLeaks Violates Espionage Act, USAF Says:

“What if one learns that a neighbor has accessed WikiLeaks in the neighbor’s home?”

“Defendants might argue that if the Espionage Act can be seriously construed by Air Force legal professionals to render a sizable fraction of the American public culpable of espionage, then the Act truly is impermissibly broad, vague and unconstitutional.”

(2) Air Force Rescinds New Guidance on WikiLeaks]

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