NPR “Obscures the Truth”

In his article, “NPR & Trust in Government,” Robert  Shetterly anticipated “that the discussion would hone in on governmental hypocrisy and lying,” since “the . . . segment would begin a series of programs focusing on Trust in Government.”  Instead, the first guest introduced by Liane Hansen was Philip Zelikow, “as a professor of history . . . and just the person to frame the discussion (emphasis added).”  Shetterly was disgusted by what was left out: no mention of Zelikow being a “neocon” of “the Bush administration,” his “Bush Doctrine” “[authorship],” or even his stature as one of the key “[defenders]” of “lies” (WMD!  Niger!  Mushroom Clouds!) that sent us into Iraq.  He then boldly referenced WTC 7 and the totally rational suspicions/questions relating, while braving expected ridicule from our (institutionalized) mainstream:

“[Zelikow] was put in charge of the 9/11 Commission, the committee that was supposed to tell the world what really happened on 9/11.  He ran that committee so that the official version of events could not be questioned.  He did not allow witnesses to testify who had seen and heard things that cast the official version into doubt.  The commission totally ignored facts that made the official version untenable and it neglected to even mention that World Trade Center tower #7, not stuck by an airplane, also mysteriously collapsed that day.”

Though the 9/11 Commission and WTC 7 was not a sole focus of his article, how inspiring it was to have seen such assertions from one of prominence (even on CommonDreams)!  In furtherance, he has also “decided to begin taking on the 9/11 story though [his] portrait project, where he plans to “paint a portrait of David Ray Griffin in May.”  (Truly rare.  Wholly welcomed.)

When the media obscures the truth, they show the same contempt for democracy that the politicians do.  And then they wring their hands and ask why the people don’t trust government.”

The Huffington Post Bans 9/11 Truthers

FOX News Presents WTC 7

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6 Responses to NPR “Obscures the Truth”

  1. […] while Shetterly’s should be read for many reasons: clarity, as a depiction of rare courage in our dominant landscape, and as a partial portrayal of how Timing works in our fabricated […]

  2. seaclearly says:

    A&E 911 Truth Campaign: Building What?

    “Recognizing the high correlation between those who know about the collapse of WTC 7 and those who believe that a new – or rather real – 9/11 investigation is needed, I propose that the international 9/11 Truth Movement initiate, starting this September, a world-wide, year-long ‘BuildingWhat?’ campaign. Through this campaign, we would seek to make the fact of its collapse so widely known that the mention of Building 7 would never again evoke the question: ‘Building What?’ ”

    –David Ray Griffin, Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth

  3. seaclearly says:

    Americans Who Tell the Truth: David Ray Griffin

    “Because of his work regarding 9/11, David Ray Griffin and the 9/11 Truth Movement were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2008 and 2009.”

  4. SeaClearly says:

    FBI: 9/11 Truthers Should be Treated as Potential Terrorists– Really!

    Note: Obama Confidant’s Spine-Chilling Proposal
    Note: 1) – 5)

    So now, merely just “believing” the “possibility” of some conspiracy, somewhere, as culminated by even a (hidden) few — after watching videos of WTC7 falling (for example) might mean you are viewed as a terrorist worthy of indefinite detention? Correspondingly, after writing a few blog posts like FOX News Presents WTC 7 The Huffington Post Bans 9/11 Truthers and NPR “Obscures the Truth” after “believing” (thoughts) that the core columns of WTC7 would (obviously) not have fallen in pure synchronicity, what would one now do? Live in fear of rendition, indefinite detention, and. . . .?

    Here? In the U.S.? For thoughts? For reacting to the level of writing posts along the lines of “what in the hell?” Couldn’t happen. Not here. Not to me. Not to us (those who may similarly wonder) (thoughts), overall. (End note: 9/11 Truth/WTC 7 is not an area written about or focused on anymore. But, My God! Imagine how many people would have been rounded up if the same mentality had been applied to JFK theorists? What’s next? If you “believe” in UFOs, will you be committed? Just please . . . let this be more propaganda, not tangible Truth.)

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